July 14, 2024

Truck tents are specifically made to be erected in a pickup truck’s bed. Trucks tents are fastened using straps that link to the frame of your truck, as opposed to traditional camping tents, which are staked to the floor.

If you need to elevate yourself off the ground, keep tiny animals and insects at bay, and reduce the likelihood of a river or puddle forming underneath your tent, a truck tent is a fantastic option. The bed of your truck will still be smoother than the ground, which may be littered with pebbles and roots, even though you must park your truck on a generally level surface in order to utilize a truck tent.


Naturally, the size of your truck determines the size of your truck bed tent. Due to the narrow width of trucks, most truck bed tents can only accommodate two individuals.

There are certain truck bed tents, though, that connect to a ground tent, so your options are no longer constrained by available space.

The ceiling height is yet another crucial element. It’s crucial to make sure you have adequate space and don’t feel cramped because these tents can get quite close.


All tents, including truck bed tents, are typically composed of polyester. Some truck bed tents, though, are composed of canvas. In addition to being waterproof and breathable, canvas tents also have the advantages of being long-lasting and useable all year round. However, they are frequently rather heavy and challenging to set up. On the other hand, polyester tents are robust, lightweight, and simple to erect.


When camping, ventilation is necessary, especially in the heat. Your truck bed tent can be properly aired by using large entrance doors, lots of windows, and ventilation flaps.

Tent Floor

A built-in tent floor is not always included with tents. Having a layer between yourself and the truck bed makes everything a little nicer because, generally speaking, a truck bed isn’t the most comfortable surface. A tent floor provides an additional layer of insulation and can help keep you dry and protected from the elements.

Set Up

Finding a truck bed tent that is simple to erect is helpful because setting up a tent on the ground is challenging enough. The simplicity of construction and uninstallation becomes crucial if you plan to camp while travelling because you will need to take the truck bed tent down before leaving.

The tent’s weight affects how simple it is to put together. Some tents come with helpful accessories, like as color, poles, to make setup as easy as possible.

The inability to operate your truck while the tent is installed is one of the truck tent’s main drawbacks. This implies that you cannot drive your vehicle until the tent has been taken down and that you must empty the bed of your truck before setting up a tent.

Before going to bed, you should take anything from your truck’s bed. As a result, you might need to find a different location to store your other camping supplies.

Nevertheless, depending on how much space you need for people once the tent is set up, you could put any equipment back in your truck bed. Many truck tents have side gear pouches that can be used to store smaller items of equipment.

How to measure your truck bed?

1- Take measurements along the bottom of the bed.
2- Measure from the edge of the bed nearest to the cab.
3- Extend the tape measure to the inner test of the tailgate and record the size.
4- Confirm whether the size falls within the range of 5.5-6 feet.

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